It was a stunningly beautiful weekend, so we went to go play in the leaves


Flying with Daddy


G - Loves her new skirt - it has heart pockets!

E - Loves her Daddy


E - So happy to be standing up all the time

G - Twirling


G - Anything to make her sister laugh - and it works every time

E - Discovering her sister’s former favorite spot in the house

My favorite girls


(Big thanks to my better half for taking these during a park trip, while I was juggling a squirmy baby and a handful of preschooler detritus, plus cookies)

E - Smile factory

G - An antidote to all the nonsense currently surrounding professional football


(We spent the weekend in Minneapolis with my family, celebrating my nephew’s baptism)

G - Learned how to shuck corn with her Grandma and Great-Grandparents this weekend. Excellent life skills.

E - Grandpa is hilarious. Always.

(Linking up with Jodi again this year)


E - Serious face is serious

G - “G, you are a lunatic!” “No, I’m not! …yes, I am.”




G - This face

E - Learned to crawl over the weekend, but still has time for a book

Plus - my girls love their daddy


E - I don’t generally advocate putting ridiculous hair accessories on infants, but…come on

G - Finished drama camp and had her first performance - she got this rose afterwards and has been basically obsessed with it since then

Plus - sisters make each other giggle

(Linking up with Jodi again this year)


G - Waiting for her ride on the first day of drama camp, and checking out the roly-poly situation in the front yard

E - I left her on her back for under five minutes to clean up a blowout, and this is what I came back to. Plus rocking.

Plus - “I really like being a big sister.”


E - It went fast last time, but this is something completely different

G - Appropriate for Comic-Con weekend, here is her trading card

(Linking up with Jodi again this year)


G - So gangly all of a sudden. This is the first week I’ve told her about this project. She looked at the album from last year and then took it very seriously.

E - Food!

Plus, sisters love reading together.

(Linking up with Jodi again this year) 


E - Sitting up and loving it

G - She looks like me, but all I see when I look in those eyes is her daddy

Linking up with Jodi again this year